Welcome to Fantage Fairy Queen!

Welcome to Fantage Fairy Queen, a blog run by Piya17, a 13 year old fun loving girl who loves music, technology, books, food and socializing. This blog is not really big or popular, but I would like to know if you like it! Enjoy your stay here and don’t forget to click the follow button, it’s free! Just kidding…

Earlier I used to blog about Fantage, but after getting hacked and scammed by Reemacupcake, I stopped playing Fantage or blogging about it. So for now this blog is just a fun, cray cray and musical place where I stay connected with my friends 🙂 You can read more about me and how to contact me in the about page.

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And as I told, I’m music mad so there’s always a soundcloud widget playing music in the background. Click on the pause button to stop music and you can scroll within the widget to find a song of your choice 😉

~stay tuned~

The horrible past

I was just going through my blog posts and I simply can’t believe some of the crap I posted I’m so embarrassed I need bleach right now.

I found a horrible joke post I made about my #1 stan since 7 years just because of peer pressure and all these weird posts about 1D and larry…..


I’m just deleting all the embarrassing posts I can right now. Just the thought of people seeing it makes me shudder.

EDIT- seriously, the more I see them, the more I cringe. Most of them look like they were made by an hyperactive blunt ignorant crazy psychotic 12 year old. Seriously guys how did you even read them??

Another edit- CRAP I seriously can’t believe I actually shared my embarrassing stan life story and actually told people who I stan. Like NO that kind of stuff is only for my twitter fan account and stan twitter. Not real life where every one can know my deep dark secrets.

Yet another edit- I literally feel so embarrassed after reading all those posts. I seriously can’t believe how I could trash my fave just because most people seemed to hate him at that time? I used to post like an insensitive b*tch I feel really sorry for any hate post I made.

And I can’t believe I spammed my entire blog with 1D memes and made hateful joke posts on the guy whose fandom is always fighting with the 1D fandom.

And I can’t believe I was that obsessed with Taylor Swift either. I’m so happy I’m over that dreadful phase I had for a month.

And please don’t take my header seriously, I honestly don’t even stan half of the people I put in that picture

Wow I really feel embarrassed. Sorry.

1 year anniversay

Hey loves ❤ Today I logged into my wordpress to check my notifications, and I saw thisWORDPRESS

and of course I got super happy because so many people have been supporting me since such a long time! My reaction was totally like this


Oops wrong picture *facepalms*

When I saw my stupid silly hard worked blog full of posts with capitalized screaming and corny jokes I used to make almost half a year ago completed 1 year of its existence, I was like

kendall 1kendall 2

Just thinking about all the kind, supportive and funny people that have helped me and been with me for so long makes me emotional.

Really emotional.

Thank you so much for helping me get this crappy blog I don’t work on anymore to wherever the heck it is blog so far.

Here’s a virtual hug to all of dear followers!!

Nah wait, a hug?

incoming fail pizza hug bored

Pizza’s better!

Anyways, thanks a lot once again ❤

Hugs and Kisses,

Piya ❤


Hey guys, just decided to do a random post after many months. I just wanted you all to know I don’t blog anymore and this blog has closed, since a few people were asking that question in the comments. As I got over fantage a long time ago, I just spend my time in stan twitter as it’s really fun being in fandoms along with people who fangirl over the same things as you. If you guys knew me from last year, you would know I was obsessed with music. Guess what, I still am xD. And no I am not obsessed with one direction, it was a fad that lasted only for a week lol. In the past months I learnt a lot about music, how hollywood works (it’s not like what it looks like, it’s scary), songwriting and music making processes, website designing and nail art because why not xD?  Just wanted to check out things and see how’s everyone doing. I also turned 14 yesterday and got graduated to 9th grade. So this post was just a random update about my life (which no one asked for but I still said lol)

What’s going on with you all? Is the fantage blogging community still alive? Is everything fine? Let me know!

Kisses and hugs

X piya17 X

(and wanted you all to know my name isn’t pie-ya it’s pronounced the same way you do for pia mia lol)


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